This is the view as I left my therapy session earlier today. Isn’t it beautiful, to think this green patch is right in the middle of Malmö.

I am so happy I had a session booked in this afternoon cos man did I need it! Today has been shit on shit! A shitty doctor making me feel guilty about listening to my body and asking for help, two shitty leaks, yeah that’s right first one, and then a couple of hours later again! (I won’t share pictures today as I’m not in a writing mood) Crappy day at work too! And to top it off – horrendous period pains! I have wanted this day to end all day! Went to the therapist and just let loose everything and it felt FANTASTIC! I have so much to learn and build up within myself, and my therapist is helping me deal with things and today said how I had been good who looked after myself and my needs, stood up for myself and didn’t apologize in a situation when I normally would. I am absolutely shattered now, just had some chocolate, thinking about ice cream, painkillers, a cup of tea and bed…I’ll have to see what it turns into..maybe be angry at Axel again for no reason, or maybe he’ll get a hug, who knows…only time will tell!

I hope my U.K. friends have voted today too.

Anyway..Just a fed up greeting from little old me!
Good night world, let’s hope for a better day tomorrow! 

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