Today I am suffering, but oh my was it worth it! Last night was my first big concert with Stevie! And my first visit to a portaloo (or as it is called in Swedish ‘bajamaja’ and I just love that name), ill get back to this later. We went to see John Fogerty here in Malmö with Axel, my uncle and my cousin. And what a show it was! The concert was outside and we were graced with typical early summer weather of rain, luckily it was only very light and I think it even stopped for a while, either way I enjoyed the rain as it helped cool me down a bit. He came on stage and kept going for over 2 hours. The energy on stage was contagious and I found myself dancing and jumping for the whole duration of the show. He played all the classic CCR hits Proud Mary, Bad moon rising, Have you ever seen the rain, Good golly miss Molly, Suzy Q, and so many more. I think he only played 2 slower songs, and for the rest of the time the tempo was on high. I am so happy I booked tickets for the Golden circle, definitely worth the little bit extra as we were closer and had more space/avoided the pushing of crowds. I was amazed when he introduced one of the guitar players as his son Shane, a young guy of 26 years old, with such talent. What a feeling it must be to stand on stage with your father, playing all these hit songs that are so well known and loved, in front of a massive audience full of adoration. What a dream. Hats off to you John for keeping such a tempo throughout the concert at the age of 72, I am very impressed! I would have guessed that was the age of the crazy energetic rocker on stage last night. Today my body feels like the age of an old 72 year old, definitely not Fogertys 72 though! After the show had finished, i slowly started to calm my movements down and felt how my body was slowly shutting down from over activity.  I was running on joy and adrenaline through the concert and when I finally got home I could barely make it to bed. My body was pulsating, stiff and sore. Today when I woke up it felt like I had done a triathlon three times over without any breaks (well if felt like how I would imagine that to feel as I have clearly never done it haha), my brain feels like mush, just trying to make a cup of tea is a struggle in every way, shape and form. My body hurts. My head hurts. I am thirsty like mad. I am pretty impressed I’ve been able to write this much actually. But one thing I do know, My Soul is over the moon! I have loaded up on happiness, done something I love and I will not let all the negative side effects overwrite all the positives from last night. I wanna live off this energy for a bit longer!

Ah yes, last night was also my first visit in a portaloo (portable toilet). As we had eaten dinner right before the concert my bowls also became active of course and I had to empty Stevie. Not the most fun places to do such a thing but needs must and all. And you know what, despite the lack of space, it wasn’t too bad!

It’s nice to know that the things I love don’t have to become a problem, I can go to a concert where there are no real toilets, I can eat before that concert and feel alright and completely forget about any worries because I know what it will all be fine. I just hope I will have a stronger body within the near future so I know I can cope with work and then a concert without feeling like death the next day. And before anyone says anything, no I don’t feel like death due to alcohol thank you, it’s just my body and its lack of energy and strength.

Anyway, now I am going to lay back down in the sofa and rest a bit more before having a couple of the girls over for a girls night. (Lets see if I can be good company or if I’ll just be laid on the sofa all the time they are here. Will be nice with their company though none the less.)  Have a happy Saturday all, I know I will!


Portaloo selfie – not much space haha and of course not the freshest of places, I can only imagine what they looked like at the end of the night!

Rocking my cool rainwear! Afraid of colour? Not me! The thought of getting to wear my yellow wellies kept me super happy all day, how can I be upset with the rain when I get to wear them?




This is me showered and resting on the sofa with my golden circle bracelet from last night, yay!

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