Yesterday I was at my first ever babyshower. My sisters oldest and best friend, they were inseparable as kids. It’s amazing to see how well she is doing, how great she looks and fantastic to think she soon will have her own baby. Silly guessing games – which as a person who hasn’t been around baby’s struggled hugely with haha – name guessing and she had to do some “poo” tasting haha. A lovely evening seeing faces I haven’t seen for years, and amazing getting to share the love in the room. 

While there I ended up getting a leak, not just once but twice. These leaks come like buses! It’s amazing how my body tells me when there’s a leak. As it starts crawling out under onto the skin I feel how it itches like mad. A great sign that something isn’t right even before I can see the leak. Good job I always have my spares kit with me! Although the second time round I realised I was out of slim rings so the bag had to go on without any, and that bag has stayed. Makes me wonder if I need them but I know the rings soak up a lot of the moisture from my stoma so it is needed. Either way I’ll get a good look today when I change my bag. Speaking of spares kit – I best remember to refill it so I’m not without if anything happens again. The last bag I put on last night reacted in a different way. I have never seen some sort of leak around the filter on the front of the bag, until last night. I can’t quite make sense of what has happened. As you can see its only a bit but it’s odd. Surely it should leak out like that? Maybe a faulty bag….hmm who knows ey? 

I like turquoise, I’m not sure if I was wearing enough to shades of the same colour…what do you think? Was struggling a bit with my mood, feeling close to tears and unhappy with all of my clothes and not comfortable in anything. So a bit of colour therapy gone overboard and I decided to cover myself in turquoise to try to feel better and pick myself up, and you know what, it worked! 

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ll get back to writing again, if nothing else then little updates at least! 🙂 

Got my sister here at the moment, well between me and her best friend but I’ll get back to writing soon 🙂 

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