The day before yesterday marked mine and Stevies 9 month day. 9 months ago I started a completely new chapter of my life. It has lead to me getting my life back, being able to do thing again, not be in pain and not bleed myself dry. It has ups and downs, but I am so happy for how it has saved me. We spent the day on the beach, in an bikini and went for an lovely swim. I love how confident I have become on the beach – I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to cope with showing my bag on the beach – but it has been great! I am so proud of myself! 

Yesterday was a stressful day filled of preparation and packing before we drove off to Helsingborg to go see Toto! What a show! What a fantastic band! Such talented individuals. Then imagine these individuals put together and bam, what a show! We were stood about 5 rows from the front, and what about buzz there was! I sang and shouted (or as Axel calls it ‘wooooohoo’d) till I lost my voice. Jumped, danced abound clapped. I was even lucky enough to have a compel type fantastic soul next to me. We just clicked. She danced, waved, ‘woo’, shouted and sang. We did this together! I love when people just let go and let their joy out. For me it really does come from within when I’m at concerts and I can’t help myself, and can’t  (don’t want to) stop myself either. It improves my enjoyment, let’s me release my feelings and makes me so happy it’s unbelievable! (Again, videos will be on my instagram/facebook)

Again, this is made mega possible thanks to Stevie! ❤

Oo I also got interviewed by a little paper who wrote a small article about me and my journey. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish. Was short but sweet 😉

Anyway, sat at the airport now, waiting to board a plan. Security checks went great here in Copenhagen, no questions about my stoma products or questions about my stoma! Bit sleepy but feeling fantastic! 

Over and out for now! Love to you all ❤

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