This summer I have realised something, well rather had it confirmed. My body is made for warmer climate. I love the sun, I love having a golden shine, it makes me feel healthy and boosts my confidence like god knows what, and best of all, I don’t feel like I need to wear as much makeup! Bonus! A new discovery I made this year, mine and Stevies first summer together is that my bags stick better in the warm weather. I was worried that summer, sun and swimming would mean an increase in bag changes, however I have found it to be the opposite for me. The bags sit even better after being in the sun and going for a swim than they do normally. I don’t feel worried about any potential leaks and can even keep the bag for an day longer than normal. It has been fantastic!
I am also a bit of an anti white parts person. I usually do all I can to avoid too much white on my body, am usually a topless sunbather, and was a bit worried about not feeling too great about my body and wearing bathing suits and high waisted bikini bottoms all summer, creating very large areas of white parts. However this wasn’t a problem whatsoever for me! I felt great in my normal little bikinis, only using the high waisted bikini bottoms and swimsuits when going for a tougher swim or doing aqua gymnastics or anything where I felt I wanted a bit more support over Stevie the stoma. Don’t get me wrong, I have actually found some really pretty swimsuits and feel great wearing them, which is fantastic, but I do feel the best in a bikini with sun everywhere! Haha!

I have found ways of folding my bags corners down to avoid it casting huge shadows on my belly by using hair pins which has worked a treat! (Not the best picture as I usually pin it down even more but you get the idea) I wonder what everyone else does?

I was recently treat to a weeks holiday in Alcudia, and although we got 2 days of rain and thunder – which was quite charming in its own way and luckily the exact day when I did my back in, I must say the Spanish pharmacies are very good, they know what ulcerous colitis was and only gave me things which wouldn’t mess things up – I was very impressed. Anyway, we got a good 4-5 days of sun, and I made the most of it! Must say I am pretty impressed with my Stevie tan! First year with a Stevie tan haha it makes me giggle!

Apologies for many flobby belly pics! :’D

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