3 years ago today – January 31 – was the day I met my blondie. I was out on a girls night, totally off men and just enjoying being me. It was a cold night and payday weekend so everywhere was busy. We were cold and didn’t want to stand in the queues so we went into the one club without any, Harry’s, a place I had never been in before and wouldn’t really go in again. Either way we had a good night of dancing and being silly when from across the dance floor I see this blond guy looking at me. We kept getting eye contact with each other despite the fact that i was dancing with my friends and he was walking round with his. Eventually he appeared by me and we got talking. Suddenly he had a friend by his side and he had to go, and so he asked me for my number. Now this part of the story I guess we both remember slightly different but I am sure my version is the correct one. I told him no when he asked for my number. I’d gone out with the intention of just having fun, no guys allowed. Anyway, after him asking a couple of times I eventually said ok, however you only have 10 seconds to take it down. So I got my phone up and while counting to 10 held up my number for him to take. When I got to 10 I put my phone down and said ‘if you got it then I guess I might hear from you, if not then it was nice to meet you’. And off he went as I carried on dancing.
The next day I was pleasantly met by a message from a number I didn’t have, and can you guess who it was? Oh yeah, it was Axel, he had managed to get my number. We had long text conversations and decided it would be best to meet up, so only a few days after our first encounter we went on our first date. From then it became a regular think of meeting up. (I could tell you more but I’m keeping it short as I only have the time it takes for Axel to shower to write this as I’d like to be a bit sociable with him tonight too. So I’m sorry if it is a bit rushed and there are mistakes.)
To think that when we met I was in the middle of a big flare without even knowing it, not knowing what ulcerous colitis even was, or that I had it. I went out and met my blondie, and despite me only getting weaker and weaker, paler and paler, and more sick for each time we met, he stayed. He met me at one of my worst times in life, and still he wanted to get to know me. He picked me up and drove me to the seaside for the fresh air when I was too weak to even go to the shop. He picked me up and took me to his so I could get a change of scenery, to sleep on his sofa while he cooked food for me. He arranged for some of my friends to have some sort of visiting router while I was in hospital and kept them all up to date with how I was doing. He lived with my mum for a week while I was in hospital. He has helped me accept having a stoma and not changed an ounce because of it. He has stood by me through one of the all time toughest times health wise in my life when really he could have turned and ran away when he saw me getting worse. I am thankful I met him, and so grateful for his kind support and love. Most of all I will forever thank that guardian angel who made sure that we met that cold winter night 3 years ago! ❤
So a message to everyone who may feel like there is no hope, don’t stress or worry about it, you will meet someone one day, and that person will care for you and love you for the person you are, with everything you come with or without, and if they don’t then they aren’t worth your time and effort I’d say! Lots of love to you all!
Beautiful roses and a few silly pictures to go along 😂

2 thoughts on “The evening we met..

  1. Beautiful words Charlotte, I can relate to every word, as I to had a guarding angel, who linked me up with stu. You deserve all the love and happiness you can get. You are one special lady and I love you to bits. To Axel thank you from me for loving this beautiful lady and taking care of her. Takes a true man to stand by someone like you have. Not many good ones out there, but your defintatly up there there. Here’s to many more year to you both ♥️♥️♥️


    1. Aaw thank you Chris! I love you too! And I am equally as happy that you have stu and that I got to be a part of your special day is something I will cherish forever! 💖💖💖


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