My dentist fear will never leave me, even after everything else I have been through! I’ve had a dentist fear ever since I was a child, I spit in their faces, bit them, and continuously locked myself in the bathroom every time we went, I have even called them awful things to their faces. Mum always had to wait to tell me we were going until last min as my whole world would crash in front of me when she told me. Now I have to be brave and strong and go on my own.

When I lived in the UK I got a crown done, it was an awful experience and it didn’t take long before the tooth started chipping, and the metal at the top was visible from day one, in other words they did an AWFUL job!!!
Now my dentist in Sweden is lovely, I feel safe with him (I’m still petrified tho!) And ever since I started going to him and he’s been helping sort my mouth out, he has pointed out that my crown really needs changing. The only positive thing he found about it was “at least it’s stuck on so it won’t fall out” apart from that there’s nothing good about it! So I got myself booked in, I made a deal with a friend that if she went for her smear test I’d go to the dentist so unfortunately I had no way out! (Go for your smears everyone! Haha!)

So today was the day and I had to go all on my own and my heart was racing! Everything went alright until after the tooth was out…and apparently the UK dentist had left some hole in the tooth and germs had spread and I had a small infection at the end of my tooth. So guess what….root canal it is for me 😣😭 so I’ve got my temporary crown in place, and an appointment book on the 12th June to clean it all out, and I won’t be getting my new crown until autumn because he wants to be sure it’s all out.

Trying to find the positive in all of this, and at least I caught it in time so I won’t have mega tooth ache one day.. and the dentist is the only type of Dr who hasn’t pointed out my age or that I should have children now..😭😂😭😂

When will things calm down for me?!

Now I’m gonna try to gather my strength now that my heart rate has calmed down, take my half anesthetized face and go to work.. 😴 good job it’s a top tooth so I’m not drooling at least!

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