Day for root canal, or root cleaning, and no one can understand how I feel when I go to the dentist unless they have been with me and can see. I get so tired of people saying “but the dentist is nothing compared to what you’ve been through”. My cousin came with me to get my first wisdom tooth pulled out and after it she said she could see my main artery almost beating out of my neck while I was laid in the chair, and that was when she realised the extent of my fear.

Yesterday I had to be mega brave and go on my own. I cried before leaving the house and if it wasn’t for Axel being home and driving me then I don’t know if I’d have even gone. Then when we got there I burst into tears in the car again, I tried to calm myself before getting out and then taking a few deep breaths before going in.
Those steps towards the door were difficult and I wanted to turn around so many times, but I made it in. When I got in the room the first thing I did was say “I’ve already cried twice today, I’m really nervous”. I always find it better being completely honest when I have appointments so the people who are looking after me know exactly how I feel. My lovely nurse went through what would happen and tried to calm me. My dentist was also lovely when he came in and also tried to calm me. I really like my dentist and his nurses (however much I can like someone in a place I hate), and it means the world that they specialise in dealing with sensitive people who may have issues (like me). So calm and caring. My nurse even gave me a hand massage as they put the anaesthesia in.
Off with the crown and time for work. Luckily it wasn’t a constant wining noise in my head as he did the majority of the work with little hand files. The nurse held my hand through it all, and if I clenched my hand around hers even the smallest amount she told him straight away “that hurts” and he stopped to check I was OK. I made sure to also have music with me to try to drowned out the noises in my head and also concentrate on something else. So I was laid with a headphone in one of my ears (I asked to make sure it was OK first).
While I was laid there I had James Morrison supporting, comforting and serenading me, and then all of a sudden from nowhere Anastasia popped in with a couple of songs. I have no idea how that happened as I had pressed a purely James playlist but I guess it was my guardian angels wanting to remind me that I am strong and I can do it. I have always looked up to Anastasia ever since I was a kid and she first came out. She stood out from everyone else, singing in sunglasses, a voice like no one else, sexy without showing everything and most importantly of all, singing about being strong and making it through things with a happy beat. So I tried to keep this in mind as I was laid there.

45 minutes passed and I was finally done! Exhausted, shaky and in a different place. I went home to rest as I felt it would be too much strain for my body to go straight to work after the anxiety and worry from the dentist trip and then having it done. So home I went and slept for 3-4 hours.

When the anaesthesia started disappear a small thumping “pain” started to appear so I took painkillers to dampen it. I’m happy I didn’t have pain before the dentist as that pain that came was NOT fun! The pain went from my tooth, up my cheek bone and around my eye up to my forehead! As I am only allowed paracetamol (due to my ulcerous colitis) I had to try to find other things, so I pressed out garlic juice and put on my gum as well as making clove oil to rub on my gum. I also remembered that when I was in Spain and did my back in the pharmacist told me that the body can pick up the painkillers better if taken with vitamin B, so I tried that too.

I hardly slept last night cos of the pain so rang my dentist first thing this morning and am now waiting at the pharmacy for something stronger! Keep your fingers crossed for me! πŸ˜‡

Next session is in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed things look good so we can move on! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Pre dentist; cried out puff eyes and tired VS Post dentist; half face still numb and extremely tired from the relief of this part being done.

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