Hey all,

So it’s soon my birthday, the big 30, but before I start telling you about that I wanna tell you a little story. A story about Little Charlotte who still lives inside me.

Little Charlotte was always an odd child, she never liked surprises, if someone gave her a present when it wasn’t her birthday or Christmas she wouldn’t accept it instead her mummy had to thank the person a lot and then wait for it to sink in with Little C before she got it. At Christmas she would get tired if there were too many gifts and would stop when she had had enough, meaning that her mummy had to save them all for the day after and the day after that at times too. When Little C was going to turn 5 her mummy asked her “what would you like for your birthday this year Charlotte?” To which this little blond (ish) haired girl replied “I want a Little Mermaid barbie for me and one for Laura (her friend at the time) and a cake”. Chocked by the quietness after that her mummy asked, “is there anything else?” With her big blue eyes she looked up at her mummy with a smile “No”. For that birthday Little C got all her birthday wishes, but mummy also included more despite Little C not asking for more. Now Little C is about to turn 30. Despite having to grow up in so many aspects she is still that Little C deep down and has been saving money for a couple of years now. Little C wanted her 30th birthday to be a memory for life, a special memory, and because of the distance with countries at the moment she didn’t want that to spoil it. So Little Big C saved up, and for her birthday is treating Mum, sister and boyfriend on a holiday to a new destination (for everyone invited) so the memories are extra special. (This was revealed at Christmas so everyone had time to save some spending money and have something to look forward to.)

Again when asked “What do you want for your birthday Charlotte?” She replied “I just want you all to come with me, and make beautiful memories, take beautiful pictures and have a great time away with me, that’s all I want”.

The past few years of my life have been up there with a few of the most difficult ones I’ve had, however they are not over yet. I am grateful to still be alive and able to live my life and I want to celebrate in a special way, but also thank the three people who have helped get me through these years, because without them by my side I don’t know how I would have coped.

So we are in Maiori, on the Amalficoast for a week and then off to Rome for a couple of nights all to celebrate that my mum gave me life 30 years ago, and to celebrate/show my gratitude to my mum, Samantha and Axel for helping me survive the last few years, and celebrate that I am here to celebrate!

Who knows what cards life will throw at me later so now I am going to enjoy this moment and make it a meaningful memory to hold dear for the rest of my life ❤

Here are some pictures of Little C, and of course a picture with that crazy face of Little C and Big C!😂

One thought on “A little story of Little C

  1. Happy 30th (omg) Birthday!
    I remember the wee you. Wish I could meet the new you. The older and improved version 😱😵😘😘😉
    Next time come visit ME! Gonna see Elizabetta in Rome??
    I’m singing and dancing for your pleasure.
    Love, aunt Kathi


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