It’s all about the little things right?

I keep having ups and downs, plenty of them but this week has been special. I’ve had a cold! Yes A COLD! The whole runny nose, sore throat, cough, aching body, fever, headache, the works! And you know what, it’s been AMAZING!!!! I haven’t had a cold for 4 years now, totally unbelievable ey, but my body has been stuck trying to fix all the other crap going on so colds just haven’t bitten on me. However crappy you can feel when having a cold I have been filled with joy. I have loved this cold. Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know the best thing about having a cold? You might think “god, come on, it’s only a cold, why get so excited” and I know, I feel like shit most of the time, buuuut with a cold I can actually say “I have a cold” and everyone knows whats wrong with me, I don’t actually need to go into detail and try to explain or convince people. Everyone can relate to having a cold, and I can actually pinpoint what is wrong or what is going on. I can pinpoint how I feel or that my nose is runny and my throat hurts like mad, or that I’m coughing like a heavy smoker, and people understand and can relate! This has been amazing! I don’t feel judged or misunderstood! See the problem with having a chronic illness, an invisible illness is that it is so individual, and no one can see it. I try to explain how I feel but people don’t understand. I try to explain how I feel by trying to turn the pain or discomfort into something that anyone can understand but I still very often get blank looks and confused responses. I often feel judged for not feeling well because “you look fine”, and yes, to you I might look fine, but if my insides were reflected truly on my outsides I don’t think I would look so “fine” anymore.  Sometimes life feels like a constant battle, but finding joy in the little things can help you get by, and this week my joy has been having a cold!
Luckily today I am much better, I’ve not had a fever since Thursday now and the other symptoms are slowly leaving me. Thank you body for getting better, for allowing me to experience a cold again. Part of me wishes I could enjoy this cold a little bit longer, but the other part of me is happy it is over as I have plans I do’t want to cancel.

So I am going to enjoy the rest of my Saturday and the little farewell signs of this lovely cold!
Remember to appreciate the little things in life  ❤

(The girls have been over the moon with having me at home too, they have snuggled with me loads and given me plenty of love!)

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