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Happy valentine’s day all! I know we don’t need a special day to show we care however it is nice to show that someone you love just a bit extra appreciation today. Something as simple as picking a flower on your way home, writing a note and leaving it for them somewhere, cooking dinner, lighting a candle, putting your phone to the side and just being together..well those are the type of things I’d be doing. But also remember that if you’re spending time on your own, then show yourself some love! And that can be done like above too. I’m not the best at loving myself, in all honesty, sometimes I really struggle and recently I’ve really been struggling to keep my chin up. I think I’ve just got too much going on right now, and really need things to settle a bit, and I think I need more hugs in my life too. At times I’ll hear every negative comment I’ve been told by others going round in my head and look down at my body and see Stevie. Sometimes it’s a real struggle and I think “how can someone love me” but in all honesty, I just need to love myself…and much of the time I do. I look down at my body and see a warrior. My body is constantly at war against itself, but we won one battle so surely we can win the others too!! We survived surgery, we are stronger, we are seeing things and doing things. We have life again. I need to try to damped out those comments from others and tell myself positive things about myself instead because noone else hears our thoughts as well as we do and if we’re constantly listening to those negative things then that is what we will believe in. So if nothing else, then spend this valentines day telling yourself every little positive thing you can think of about yourself, write them down and reread then. We are all lovable! Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Lots of love to you all! 💞

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  1. Here is a virtual hug from me to you. I will try a video call later
    When I can figure out how to get the correct time into my mind .
    Loads of love. XO XO 😘😘❤️💞💞💞💞
    Aunt kathi O’Donohue

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