It’s now been 19 days since we celebrated 3 years and I realised I haven’t shared how the evening was! We went for a lovely meal at Gino’s Italian, because we both loooove Italian! Our meal was so yummy, and when it was time for the desert the waiting staff all came with mine, with a candle and sang Happy Birthday to STEVIE!!! It was AMAZING! I have never had anyone sing to me in a restaurant before and I have always wanted it! Yeah ok, it wasn’t totally just for me but nearly! 😂 After dinner we went bowling. I love bowling, and mum hadn’t been for years! We had so much fun! I won the first round, and the second round mum won. I have never seen anyone so happy about a win as she was! It was her first time winning and I am so happy it happened on mine and Stevies day! ❤️

I felt so loved on our day, and very grateful! Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve got another blog nearly done explaining why and whats been going on. But in the mean time, here are some pictures and videos from out night ❤️

And just incase you missed it, check my silly spoof video out!