Today when I was brushing my hair, I started to reflect on the journey it has had. All throughout my childhood and early teens my hair was long and healthy. As a child and young teenager my hair went down below my bum, and my ponytail and plait was as thick as a half kilo package of spaghetti. It was healthy and full of life. The older I got, the more stress appeared in my life, the more I started loosing.  It got thinner and thinner and I had to cut it shorter for it to feel healthier and look like ok hair.  I am lucky to have good volume in my hair (one thing I have always had) and this helps give the illusion of a lot of healthy hair.. but in reality my ponytail is now as small as a recommended serving size porting of spagetti (about the size of a frankfurter).
This is all down to my over sensitivity to stress, and ulcerous colitis. Yup, that’s right, my illness affects more than just my bowl, as does some of the medication too.
This has been getting me down for quite a while, and no, I cannot afford to try any “miracle cure/help” at the moment, and where to even start, and to know what would help. Tablet forms are a mystical area, because I don’t even know if my body will even absorb them without a large intestine or if they will literally going straight through me…
So, this morning, as I was brushing my hair, watching all these longish yet short compared to what is has been, hairs coming out, gathering into a huge ball on my brush,  (I know we loose 50-100 hairs a day but it really has been looking and feeling like more for quite a while now) the idea of shaving it all off popped into my mind.. I mean, if it’s horrible I’m on lock down anyway right, so no-one needs to see it until it’s grown out a bit more.. and doesn’t hair grow out a bit thicker and healthier after a deep cut? Haha, yes the thoughts crossed my mind, and has been very tempting…however, I’m not going to do it, I’m too scared and worried, and wouldn’t dare.. so instead I’ll do my best to look after it, massage my head and the roots, wash with cold water, anything and everything I can, and hope it picks up again.. I might just cut it shorter. Mum is friends with a well known hairdresser who we have asked for advice, the first advice was to cut it shorter at least, making it less heavy for the roots, to wear it hanging and to carry on with the other things I have done, we are now waiting to hear if they have any other recommendations.

I just wanted to share another side to thing’s, another thought that crosses my mind and another feeling I get every now and again…


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