An update regarding my hair depressing/issue.. I have started washing my hair in very cold water, which after my second time I actually quite enjoyed. I do it the old fashioned way and wash my hair bent over forward so the water only gets on my head, then I wrap it up and jump in the shower and warm up my body. It’s a very nice contrast with the temperatures like that. I do only wash my hair once, sometimes twice a week too I best point out, but that’s nothing new for me really, I’ve always done that. I am also massaging my scalp daily, and several times. I even got mums little head massage spider grabby looking thing out and am using that as well. I have also started using a product called ‘regaine’ for women, which I have used in the past and found it did stimulate my hair growth as I saw a lot of new hairs come out, and luckily I still had some left so there was no need to spend the extra money. After the lock down, when it is safe to be out and about I will be seeing a hair specialist who I got recommended and I will be ringing. He takes a sample of your hair and does tests, sort of like blood tests on hair, and finds out what is lacking or what your hair needs.
I also got the scissors out yesterday and trimmed my hair down. Again, I am very thankful for the volume I have in my hair. It’s shorted now, looks healthier and a lot thicker. Fingers crossed this is the start of me getting my mane back!

(I am not trying to sell products, and I have not been asked to advertise, I also do not have any evidence or anything that these things work, it is merely what I am trying and what I have been recommended, and therefore I am sharing in case anyone was wondering what I was doing, or wants to see what others in the same or similar situations do.)


I will be topping up the turquoise in my hair, but luckily the dye I use is like a hair mask type of dye so as long as I’m only using that it isn’t quite as bad.. I can’t stop having my splash of colour in my hair, I mean who would I even be without it 😉 haha

A tired looking me from a few nights ago, and the first chunks of hair chopped off.

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