Today as I stood having a bagless shower I looked down at my stomach.. my brown stomach with a white circle on the right hand side between my bellybutton and hip bone. In the middle of this white circle is a red little little stoma.. I have only had my stoma for three and a half years now, however while I was stood there, enjoying the feeling of water over this white patch I realise I can’t remember what it was like looking down and only seeing my stomach. I also can’t remember ever feeling such joy as the water flows over that white bit of skin, bringing it back to life again, letting it breath. Oh please don’t get me wrong, I love my little rose that is Stevie, but it just got me thinking about life and my body before Stevie.. aaah haha B.S. oh dear so many meanings, Before Stevie, Belly Shit, Beautiful Stoma, but definitely not Bull Shit for me. I do love Stevie the Stoma, I love how I have my life back, I love that I can still do things, yes slightly different, but how are we ever to grow if we don’t have to learn how to deal with new situations.. anyway, just wanted to share my little shower thoughts.. I bet you all stand in the shower next time you’re there, and look down on your belly, and really feel what the water feels like as it touches your skin.. well at least I hope you do ❤️

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