“How often do you change your bag?”

I often get asked this question, and I can honestly say, I don’t know. I use a drainable bag for my ileostomy, meaning I can empty it whenever I go to the toilet, which is what I do, or however often I want. How often I change my bag on the other hand, well.. that can be every day, to once a week. It varies, and everyone does it differently. Some people have a routine, my only routine is I change it when I have a shower.

Today I can honestly say, I genuinely have no idea how long I have had my bag on.. but I have a feeling I am going on soon a week and a half maybe.. I have no recollection of changing it in the week just gone, and that has been fine for me.

I change my bag if it starts to itch under the base plate, or if I find that the adhesive starts to release around the edges, or if I just feel generally uncomfortable or when the bag is starting to look worn. A bit like in these picture.. maybe it’s time to change bag tomorrow? 🤔

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