Happy new year everyone!

Wow, what a year 2020 has been. Very odd to say the least.
Every year, on new years eve at the dinner table we have a tradition to go around the table and everyone gets a free, safe, none judgemental place to talk about everything we are proud of achieving, doing, surviving  from the year just gone, and then we say some wishes, aims and plans/ideas we have or want to the following one. I remember how excited I was last year, for the first time in my life I actually planned things a for the year and knew what I wanted to do and get done… And then we ended up in a pandemic. I found myself sat thinking “do I actually have that much to share this year, I mean, I’ve barely done anything and I never got to do the things I had planned”. So what I did was, I decided to think about the year just gone, and go through the months.. as I did this, I found that I actually have a lot that I am proud of, a lot that I have worked on, expanded, learnt and achieved. I am actually really grateful for yet another year of learning and growing, no matter how “different” or “odd” it has been. Yes of course it has been tough, it has been challenging, but every year is, its just been a different kind of challening, but I am still happy for the year that’s been, and I am going to look at it like I do every year, and find the pisitives, the moments where I have been challenged, overcome it and survived. Who knows what this next year will bring, but I look forward to finding out. I look forward to carrying on creating this book that is my life, delving into each new chapter with excitement, nervous, joy and curiosity.

If you didn’t on New years eve, then please take a few minutes to think back over 2020, and find yourself some positives that you achieved and got through, focus on them, and find something exciting for 2021 too!

Looking back on last year and finding things you’re proud of can be however big of little, because really everything is a big thing if you feel proud of doing it. Andd if you need some guidance, here are a few of the things I’m proud of this year: we couldn’t get a spare part to fix our toilet so I mamaged to make a part from things I found at home, and 7months later it is still working, I started doing yoga, something I always syruggled finding inner peace to do, and I have done that every day since April now, i cleaned the gutter, I started learning spanish and my bass guitar and I have done a lot of self analysing, amd realised a lot about myself, including having gone to therapy, which I intend to carry on. Remember, everything is important, just find those little positives. Go on, give it a try! What makes you proud of yourself from 2020? What achievement puts that smile on your face?

I was meaning to post this the first of January, I got so far, but I had the joy of my period starting on, yup that’s right, January 1st, and damn, it’s not been so painful and draining for ages..well it hit me the worst yesterday, the 2nd. Wow the pain and unbelievable uncomfortableness I felt in my body was unbelievable, unbearable.. painkillers didn’t even touch it! I barely slept from the pain, sleep last night felt so good! Today is better though so today I had the energy to finish it, and am sharing it.

And if you’re wanting to start yoga, yoga with adriene has just released a new 30 day yoga program on YouTube called ‘breath’. We are on day 2 now but you can start anytime, so why not give it a try maybe🙏

Lots of love to you all,
Charlotte and Stevie ❤️

Happy New Year from Charlotte and Stevie
Happy New Year from Zanna and Charlotte❤️
Love my mum ❤️
Midnight in our household is always brought in with: Bubble for joy and happiness. Apple for health. Penny for wealth. ❤️

Morning yoga 🙏 namaste 🧘‍♀️

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