Hi all! 🙂 I know its been a while now, I’ve been enjoying the summer! We have been lucky (and unlucky) here in Sweden and have had a beautiful Mediterranean summer for about 3 months now which is just crazy, (the unlucky part is that it also hasn’t rained during those 3 months so mega dry everywhere and other negative side effects but I wont go into that now). Although as I’m writing this the grey clouds are pulling in and the rain has come – yay! I love the smell of summer rain!
I’m in the process of writing another blog post too with updates from my holiday and some other bits but I thought I’d just do a quick check in and tell you a little about mine and Stevie the stomas swimming and summer moments, or just show some pictures haha! Like I said, this summer has been AMAZING and one of the best ways to cope with the heat is being in the sea (for me anyway). I don’t think I can remember a summer when I wore my bikinis as much as I did this year!

We have visited several different beaches along the south coast of Sweden, all of which have had amazing clear blue water, white sanded beaches and plenty of bathers! I must say however, I hasn’t seen anyone else with their bag out (then again I don’t know if I have been looking really either) but I sure have had mine out! I love the sun, and I hate tan lines so the more sun I can get on my body the better, which also means that Stevie has been out on show too, although to avoid getting a very big white patch where Stevie is I have learnt to fold a little cute origami parcel out of Stevie while I was laid sunbathing haha. I must say that I can’t really recall getting that many looks, majority of the time at least! One day I wasn’t feel well at all, and I was laid in the shade and a family walked by and stared like crazy, I got annoyed and just said “a picture lasts longer” and they walked off. I laughed at myself for that but also got a bit annoyed because sure, we are all curious really so there is no harm in looking is there, and instead I could have some how tried to talk to them maybe..

My oh my has the salty sea water done wonders for my body too, it’s maybe been the sun and heat too, but it has been such a relief for my aching body. The sun and sea really is like medicine, one of the best kinds too I’d say.

We also went for a swim in Loch Lomond in Scotland, as well as having a shower under the Steal Falls!

This post is really just me wanting to help all you others with a stoma to brave going out and being comfortable with your body just like you used to be! We need to stop the stigma and taboo and make this more like normal!

Ooo sorry I’m not gonna write anymore (or really check over my spelling, really sorry) now there’s thunder too so I’m turning this off to enjoy mother nature with a nice cup of tea! 😉 Have a lovely Saturday everyone!



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