4 years, wow.. to think that 4 years ago today I was saved. Stevie saved my life, gave me a second chance, gave me a new life. Sometimes when I think back I feel how surreal it all seems.. to think that ulcerative colitis nearly took my life.. a slow and painful death.. 4 years ago.. I don’t know how much longer I could have held out, but at the age of 28 I was given a second chance at living on this planet, and I am forever grateful!

Happy 4 year stomaversary to me and Stevie. Happy birthday to Stevie the stoma. Happy second chance at life to me.
Wow, I can barely believe it’s been 4 years already. I will never forget the morning of my surgery day. I was booked in for emergency surgery the night before and every nurse on the ward was so extra lovely to me that night. The morning came, I was nervous as all hell, weak, and also a bit unsure or unaware of what exactly was about to happen.. I had my disinfectant shower, and sat in my bed waiting for my mum to turn up, and to be picked up for surgery.. when it was time my mum wasn’t there yet, but she was on her way, so they patiently waiting for her so she could come with me. All the nurses on my ward who had been looking after me the last week and a half stopped what they were doing (unless it was critical at least), and came and stood aroundmy bed talking to me..the ones finishing nightshift as well as the ones starting their day shift. I was so moved. They all cheered me on, telling me lots of kind and positive words.. it was such a beautiful moment whilst in a very odd moment. I was so weak, I remember that.. I also remember how beautiful my Danish anesthesiologists eye’s were. Beautiful and kind, and they were the last thing I saw before I fell asleep. Anyway, I’m not going to tell this story again in great detail as I have a fair few times.
Either way, I know it’s not been the easiest journey I’ve been on, at times it’s been hard as hell but then again, I don’t think many of them in my life have been easy really. I do know one thing though, it’s the journey I want to be on, no matter how hard, because thanks to it, my book of life can carry on, I can get older, I can grow, I can experience things. Thanks to this, I am still alive.. and that in itself, for me, is reason to celebrate!

Ooh haha and while I’m here, I had a funny or odd dream the other night, that my little rose fell off and I had a little panick, Stevie looked so strange.. my stomach had no clear sign of my stoma.. 4 years we’ve been together now and it felt so odd seeing my stomach without it.

Anyway, time to carve pumpkins, bake a cake, and have a nice crafty day, might take a walk in the rain, but I might just stay inside! Although, just as I type this a bit of blue sky appeared and some sun, all specially for me, so I might head down to the sea and soak up some of that freedom feeling!

Lots of love to every one of you from a very warm, sentimental, emotional, grateful, happy and love filled Charlotte heart, and Stevie of course!

Happy November 1st, Happy stomaversary, Happy Stevie day, Happy second life day, Happy day!!!!

2 thoughts on “4 years!

  1. Happy 4th Stomaversary sweetie! What a wonderful new life you have! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with us! LOVE YOU MADLY!!! xxxxx


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