11 March- our first breakfast on the balcony followed by Stevies debut in the sun! At first I was a bit dubious but after sitting on the balcony for a little while I decided that it was warm enough to lay outside and it was high time to get some spring sun on this tired body! We are very lucky to have a south facing wind shielded balcony so it gets nice and warm, perfect for catching the spring sun. I have always been a hater of tan lines and decided to tape Stevie together a bit so there would be less tan lines. Yes I am very silly haha, poor Stevie getting folded together like that but there were no bad feelings. It’s amazing getting air on my body, feeling the warmth from the sun. We live on the 5th floor and the building opposite isn’t as tall as the one we live in so it can become quite private. Laying on the sofa in the sun on our balcony looking out at the beautiful blue sky, feeling the warm and calming rays of the sun, pretending the car traffic are waves lapping up on the beach as the seagulls sing a song of joy. It can become a secret little holiday getaway heaven, if one allows it to that is. My book laid beside me, cats sunbathing and watching the birds, the feeling of the sun on my eyelids. All this has been heaven. Just what I needed. I felt like myself. The old me, from several years ago, before I got ill, just laying relaxing in the sun. What an amazing feeling it has been too! Of course I have taken it easy, not been in the sun too much but enjoying it while I can. This has been helpful as I now know sort of how it feels being in the sun with Stevie. Bring on more days of spring sun and then I am ready for the summer..I hope! Days of the beach, in my new swimwear, with Stevie hidden, but also with Stevie on show.
Make sure to drink plenty of water when in the sun everyone 🙂 I know I am!

Now to carry on sitting on the balcony in the sun, with my book and recharging my batteries, and I may even start to think about flowers and plants for the balcony, apart from the ones that survived the winter of course!

Also, I have a date tonight! And I cannot wait! Happy Saturday!


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