wp-1489586660347.jpgAt the weekend on our way to my cousins birthday brunch I all of a sudden heard a Mjau. I look down and see that Stevie has brought Marie from Disneys Aristocats with us.
I find a big help in decorating my bags. I don’t always do it, but when I do I usually get a good giggle at them. I like making them silly and colourful, it makes me smile and giggle and it warms my heart a bit. It take away the seriousness of having a bag on my stomach. It makes it more fun when I forget about the fact that there’s a drawing on it. It also makes it more fun for others when they get a peek at it I hope.

This weekend I also had my first piece of asparagus. One of the first things that they recommend being careful with when having a stoma. I only had one asparagus but I cut it in tiny pieces and chewed about 30 times to make it less stringy and decrease the risk of blockage. I am happy I tried it again and now know that in small pieces I can eat that as well! This was part of my date night that Axel had arranged. So after our meal we went to the cinema, first cinema screening with Stevie! What a nice feeling it was to be able to relax and not feel like I needed to run to the toilet! I’ve just got to say that we went
to see Logan, yes I am a fan of the Xmen wp-1489586986418.jpgfilms and Axel knew this, and knew that I have been missing my group of friends that I always went to see Xmen films with, so he decided to get us the best tickets available and go with me despite not having seen any of the films before. He is a sweet heart. And I was over the moon! It was great, sad but great, and I couldn’t stop talking about it the rest of the night. I don’t think Axel realised quite how excited I would get or how much I would talk about it after! Haha!
You can tell by the look in my eyes how hyped I was about seeing the film, tired but hyped as god knows what!

Last week I managed all of my first week working part time, so I was working halv days every day. I was so proud of myself but when I got home on Friday I felt paralysed as soon as I laid on the sofa. Once I was there, I just couldn’t move. My legs were heavy and I didn’t have the strength to get up for hours. And to think that was how I felt just from working as I didn’t have any physio last week due to illness. Crazy feeling. One thing I find really difficult at the moment is trying to explain how I feel. The tiredness, the aching, the inability to do things that feel normal. How do I explain this when I constantly put on a smile. I guess in one way it’s difficult for people to understand how I feel when I constantly protect myself with humour and a smile. I understand that a push can be needed but sometimes I feel like I get pushed too much. Ever feel like you are drowning in your body out of stress? Last night I felt like I was drowning and I’m not really sure why. I was feeling sick, not wanting to eat, my body not wanting to move and my head like mush. I got more or less no sleep last night and have spent the day in bed and on the sofa, feeling sick and achy. I can tell I’m not making great amount of sense in my writing and its not very explanatory so I think I may leave you with this message saying I’m still alive but I’m gonna rest some more and see if I can eat something!

Oh but before I leave, I have managed to do a little sketch! Yay, maybe it will become something. Is my inspiration on its way back?


P.s. a few pics from the casting we did yesterday. The colours that can appear during casting is amazing, like that beautiful patch of bright fiery orange. Also how different the bronze looks depending on the sand that is used. In the second picture all 3 pieces are cast in different types of sand and the texture and colouring are so different. It is very interesting seeing how the bronze reacts in different materials and temperatures and with different cool down.

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