A little message of hope.

Yesterday me and Axel celebrated 2 years together. Who would have thought that the guy I met at the end of January 2 years ago would become such a support for me over the following years. He has had several opportunities to avoid a relationship with me from the start. But he stayed. He was there for me when I was ill and didn’t know why, he was there for me when I was in hospital and laid at home off work. He supported me when I tried to keep ulcerous colitis at bay by avoiding certain foods and eating others. He was there for me through flares, through sleepless nights, through lack of apatite and bleeding. He was there when I got put into hospital the second time, he visited me every minute he could. He supported me through the thoughts of surgery. He was there for me though all the hell with catheters, recovery and has helped me with my ileostomy journey. He has stayed despite my awful mood, the swings and emotions of it all. Even when I’m annoyed and shouting my head off at him he is ready to give me a hug as soon as I need one. He has been fantastic! We have had 2 years of crazy but also 2 years of great memories. We have travelled and seen lots, with plenty more to see. We have been to concerts and sport events. We have had a very eventful first 2 years together. And I am so grateful for having Axel by my side through this crazy chapter of my life.
We celebrated yesterday with bubbles and nibbles on the balcony, followed by a lovely meal and finished it with coffee  (in my great grandmothers hand painted cups), cognac (in my grandparents hand blown glasses from their honeymoon in Venice), locally made dark chocolate and candles on our balcony under the stars. It was absolutely lovely ❤

So all my fellow bag people, or anyone else who is single and feels like it may be difficult to find someone who will love you, all I can say is; don’t give up. Love can be found in the strangest of places at the oddest of times. When you least expect it, it appears. And there are people who are willing to stand by you no matter what.  There is hope no matter what!
 Love to you all!

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  1. You have gone through so very much and are remarkable. Thank you for your postings to teach us what your experience has been and being so open. I understand a bit more now. Sending continuous healing thoughts your way. My very best!


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