Stevie and I have had another first! This weekend we had our first horse ride together since surgery, and it was about 2 years since I was last on a horse. I cannot believe it’s been 2 years! Before I lived in Malmö, when I lived closer to my cousins I went riding once or twice a week for a while and that was great! It’s so much fun and the feeling of freedom is amazing! It is even more amazing in contrast to the manic vibes of city life, with constant sounds, lights and movement, coming out into the countryside with wide open spaces of peace and quiet. A pure calm. Soothing the mind, spirit and soul.
I got to ride an Icelandic horse for the first time in my life. I was a bit nervous at first as it had been so long since last time, and I was nervous about hurting myself or straining too much. I wore my ugly girdle that I wear at work for extra support and protection over Stevie the Stoma. My cousins helped me with all the heavy stuff, and up I got on him. Once up in the saddle I felt calm again. Our planned calm walk in the forest and along the fields turned into a bit more excitement. All the horses were a bit excited and didn’t quite want to go for a relaxing walk. None the less the ride was lovely. We saw a few hares and dear on our way, and what apparently looked like me having total control of my horse, apparently looking like I was working with him a bit was in all honesty me trying to calm him down and walk a bit, haha. Oh it was so much fun. The best part of it is that my body isn’t aching today, well not more than it was yesterday from physio on Friday. I could feel my stomach and core muscles working while on the horse and we just took it easy, I guess I’m stronger than I realise. I cannot wait to get up on horse again soon. The feeling of trust, control, teamwork with the horse is amazing and gave me such a boost.
We continued the evening with a lovely girls night, with plenty of yummy yummy food, a glass of wine, ice cream and tea. Paired up with lots of talking, pamper and a good film. It felt like being at a spa, without the baths and massage of course haha. We then had the joys of waking up to freshly baked bread and a lovely chilled breakfast. I love being able to enjoy food again and not be in pain or worrying too much about what will happen in a few hours. I have always loved food, and one of the worth things of being so ill was not being able to enjoy food. Sometimes an extra nice meal is well deserved, because I actually live for food, it isn’t just a fuel for me. I am also so grateful to have such good relationships with my cousins. We have such a good time together and I love the fact that we are blood family and they are close friends, all rolled in one, family. I am lucky. I have had such a nice weekend, and it is so nice being able to borrow the car at times and just drive out on my own, music on, singing along and feeling free. I really miss the feeling of having my own car and that freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want.
The one downside of driving home was ending up in a traffic jam and really, really needing a wee! Oh how I missed Katina the catheter! Haha

Now its time for a relaxing evening, I am veeery tired!

Its clearly fun rolling around in the mudd! Pictures of before grooming and after grooming.

Look at that pretty face! Such a beauty and reminded me so so much of a pony called Adrian that I spent a lot of time with when I was younger! And of course a picture of me (and Stevie, but Stevie is under protection).

A couple of pictures from the ride and a tired after ride picture.

Yummy food, providing us with ‘stuff our face’ luxury material, my cousins beautiful cat with a blue and amber coloured eyes, posing with a face mask and luxury built on the little details.

Just had a lay down and listened to a meditation and woke up to my beautiful girl, Olga, having a listen in the spare headphones and having a meditation with me. Do you think she missed me? ❤wp-1488730319479.jpg


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